Don’t waste your tax return, invest in your future!

According to, of the 50 million tax returns that had been processed as of October last year, 83% resulted in refunds. The question then for the majority of us is not if we will receive a refund, but rather, how we will spend it. Statistics tell us that 30% of us will pay down debt and 28% will save or invest the money (

One of the best ways to invest is in your future. There is a price to pay for education, but there is a bigger one to pay when you settle for a job that is barely allowing you to scrape by and offering you no fulfillment. Using that tax return money to go back to school is an investment in both you and your family.

The average refund is just over $2000 ( For some schools, that would barely begin to cover the cost of tuition, but at Larock Healthcare Academy, that would pay above and beyond the cost of tuition for almost all of our programs. Cost-effective and short programs, small class sizes, various scheduling options, and experienced instructors make our school a great choice. Give us a call today and we can get you started on the path to an investment that you will not regret.

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