Vital Signs Workshop Training Training Canton Academy, Ohio

Vital Signs Workshop Training Canton Academy, Ohio

Larock Healthcare Academy’s Canton location is conveniently located within a short distance of many major Canton/Akron highways including Route 77, 62, and Route 30. It is also near the Akron/Canton Airport and Belden Village area.

The Vital Signs Workshop is a two-hour workshop that is suited for healthcare professionals looking to gain new knowledge or refresh their skills on taking a patient’s vital signs. Vital signs are used to detect and monitor medical problems. They can be measured at home, in a medical setting or at the site of a medical emergency.

Vital signs are recorded to establish a baseline on admissions to a clinic, hospital, professional office or an encounter with any health care provider. Vitals can be recorded by nurses, physicians, or other health care professionals. The professional that records the vital signs has the responsibility of identifying abnormalities from a person’s normal state and determining whether or not current treatments or medications are having the intended effect.

The vital signs are recorded and compared with normal ranges based on a person’s age and medical condition. These results will determine what further actions need to be taken.

Career Opportunities

Larock Healthcare Academy offers many programs that have a bright career outlook, and an even brighter outlook when they are complemented with the Vital Signs Workshop. This two-hour hands-on workshop will teach you how to take blood pressure, check a patient’s heart rate, take their body temperature and check their respirations. Placing this certificate of completion on your resume and in your portfolio will give you a leg-up on your competition for employment!

Career services and job placement assistance offered to those that complete this class.


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Cost of Vital Signs Workshop: $49

Career services and job placement assistance offered to those that complete this class.

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