I am so happy that I attended Larock health care academy this fall. Mrs. Beth was an excellent phlebotomy instructor and Lee Ann was always extremely helpful. As a matter of fact I was employed as a medical assistant full time in just under two weeks of graduation due to this schools excellent reputation. I recommend Larock healthcare academy to anyone interested in phlebotomy or patient care technician work because not only will you learn but they care and do what they can to help you find employment 🙂

— Jay Hairston, graduated October 26, 2017

This program is excellent.  I didn’t expect to have the opportunity to practice phlebotomy so quickly, but with the way it is organized, I felt ready to begin practicing.  We had the option to come to the other class’ labs – there are some everyday – so I feel confident in my abilities as a phlebotomist.  The instructor has been a practicing phlebotomist for 8 years and incorporates her experiences into the lessons, answering questions beyond what is in the textbook.  I wouldn’t change a thing and highly recommend this course.  I’m amazed by how far my classmates and myself have come in just a five week program.  Thanks Larock!

— 2017 Phlebotomy Graduate

I would say that Larock is the best place to launch into your new career. It’s a place where there is no reason to fear and where freedom of speech is encouraged. I salute Mr.Brown for meeting my expectations. I appreciate the suggestions for what I needed to improve on and leading me in a positive direction. I highly recommend this class taught by Mr.Brown.

— 2017 Medical Billing and Coding graduate

Two months into this program, I was hired as a medical biller in a medical facility. Thanks to Mr.Brown who encouraged me to apply even though I doubted I would get hired.

— 2017 Medical Billing and Coding graduate

Larock Academy gave me the perfect jumpstart to my nursing career! Ms Hilda, my instructor, made me feel confident and comfortable. I’m so glad I decided to come here and wouldn’t refer anyone to anywhere else. It was an awesome class, and I will be recommending it to every pre-nursing student I know. LeeAnn is also so helpful and made me feel very informed about the program. I love it here! Thank you Larock Academy!

— Kymtra Zahn

“Larock is the best place to be. The environment is without discrimination of race or religion.  I salute Ms. Beth, my instructor. You are indeed the best instructor I have ever come across.  You offer the best you can, always going the extra mile.  You are an amazing instructor.  You have made me proud; may you receive many blessings


— Anastasia

No one should ask me how I feel on this last day of mine at Larock. My answer goes without saying that I feel very great. I have just discovered a very instructive environment. My knowledge has tremendously improved thanks to my instructor as well as my class mates. My curiosity for social interaction and my quest for knowledge has made me a happy man.

I have become an ambassador of this awesome institution. I recommend anyone fond of knowledge and conviviality to take a step at Larock.

I now claim wings and roots for my long journey in the field of my dreams.

— Graduate

“I recently relocated to Virginia where I was just hired as a Medical Assistant for a rather large Private Primary/Urgent Care Company that spans from Virginia to New Jersey.
I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am to have been given this opportunity to work in this position for this company. I would not be able to do this if it were not for the training I had at Larock. After taking the Phlebotomy Training in 2011/2012, I enrolled in the EKG program (2014) where I again gained more knowledge thanks to Larock’s programs and I followed it up with the Paramedical Examiner Workshop as well. I am so thankful that Larock was there for me! It’s hard enough changing careers but with the training I received from Larock, relocating to another State, I felt confident enough to land the job I truly wanted.
Because of Larock Healthcare Academy, the staff, and the amazing instructors I am doing what I love to do. I definitely would recommend Larock!”

— Kathleen D.

It has been a wonderful and pleasant learning experience. I feel that I have received the knowledge and training needed to begin a career in the field of Phlebotomy.

I have enjoyed the technique and approach that instructor Cheryl Hitchcock has provided. Also with smaller classes, I believe has helped tremendously with more hands-on and a more personal experience in achieving knowledge and technique.

— Emma S.

Kelly Smallwood is an exceptional instructor. She created a fun and educational classroom, which make it an awesome atmosphere. She did everything possible to get the information needed to answer our questions. My niece came in to class for us to draw on. At the end of the class day, she had decided she wanted to attend class and was requesting Kelly to be her instructor. I think that this says a lot about Kelly as an instructor to have a visitor decide during that short time to take the class. I look forward to doing an internship with Kelly Smallwood.

— David M.

My experience was one that I could not have imagined. Being the oldest in the class, I was at first a little intimidated. I didn’t think I could keep up with the young minds, but with Kelly’s help, support and enthusiasm, along with my classmate’s encouraging words, it gave me the strength to have stronger faith in myself. Thank you, Larock Academy, for this wonderful opportunity to become a Phlebotomist.

— Celeste W.

There I was, almost 50 years old and I didn’t know what I was going to do. After 22 years working in an office and getting laid off twice, I decided that I needed to change my career completely. During my job search, I had run across Larock Healthcare Academy and decided to check them out. After meeting with Brock, I decided it was the right school or me and decided to sign up.

The class schedule was very convenient in the evenings and the instructors made it very easy to get the material. Each class day had a study guide that we could fill in with the correct information which made it so easy to go back and study for the quizzes and tests. The hands-on skills practice helped me a lot when preparing for the State Test, as well as the clinical days which helped when working with the residents.

Even at 50, I surprised myself and was able to pass not only the class but also my State Test. If I can pass, I know anyone can do it. I would highly recommend Larock Healthcare Academy!

— Brenda H.
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