Your Future at Larock Healthcare Academy

Many careers require different credentials such as degrees, certifications, diplomas, or nothing at all; therefore, there are different types of schools from which we can receive these credentials. There are Universities, Colleges, Community Colleges, Career Schools, Career Colleges Vocational Schools, etc. Each is comprised of a different student body, different sized classrooms, various teaching styles and a variety of outcomes.
Each and every one of us differ greatly from one another. We each require a different level of attention and personalized assistance, different teaching styles to match our learning style, and we’re each looking for a different outcome from the education we receive.
A good education with a bright future does not always have to put you thousands of dollars in debt over the course of the multiple years you attend; In fact, it does not even have to take multiple years to achieve. A career college or school offers more accelerated, short-term programs, and the tools that are necessary to land a fulfilling and successful career. With costs typically lower than your traditional 4-year colleges and Universities, you can profit on your investment in much less time.
One frequently asked question is regarding the difference in salary/compensation that is received when graduating from a traditional 4-year school versus a technical school or career college. While it gravely depends on the career a student chooses, there are many instances that regardless of the school that was attended, the outcomes can be extremely close, if not be exactly the same. For example, if you’re taking a Phlebotomy program at a larger college, you may be looking at a 9-month program, and thousands of dollars in cost; while phlebotomy at a smaller career school can be as little as 5 weeks to 2 months in length and cost well under $1,000. With both of these options the outcome is practically the same. Both provide a certificate and graduates have the option to become nationally certified after graduation.
At Larock Healthcare Academy our students benefit from accelerated, short-term programs, hands-on experience, low tuition costs, and the ability to offer employers the necessary knowledge to fulfill their open positions. We offer interest-free and affordable payment plans for all programs. Remember, while this is an investment in your career, it is also an investment in your happiness and well-being now and for the future.