Full Job Description-St. Elizabeth Physicians


Part time Outpatient phlebotomist, 2nd shift 10:15 AM-6:45 PM. Every other Saturday weekend rotation and holiday rotation. Cross training in the inpatient area is expected.

  • Greets patients using the AIDET (PHLEBOT) model, giving instructions and directions as necessary to provide quality patient experiences. Evaluates physician orders for type of specimens, time of draw and any specific specimen handling requirements. Uses work lists to organize draws.
  • Uses hospital and laboratory computer systems to obtain information and clarify requests. Uses a PDA for patient identification, various printers and phones to communicate with other departmental staff, obtain labels and organize work. Communicates with physician offices to obtain diagnosis coding information and do problem solving. Communicates with pharmacy and other patient care staff to assure proper, timely collection of various medication levels and tolerance tests.
  • Safely collects quality samples according to laboratory policies and procedures (for the accurate and timely completion of testing). Uses a variety of collection devices/sharps to obtain specimens. Collects culture specimens as required to meet quality goals. Handles a variety of body fluids in order to obtain and process specimens for laboratory testing.
  • Cleans, organizes, rotates and stocks phlebotomy work areas, carts, OP draw sites and inpatient units to maintain a safe and orderly environment.
  • Must have knowledge of collection and ordering requirements for reference labs as well as other specialty testing labs. Demonstrates knowledge of Laboratory Compliance policies and procedures as well as internal mandatory computer based learning modules.
  • Required to collect specimens at other healthcare facilities as needed. Required to cover at other laboratory sites across the system as needed. Utilizes courier car as necessary. Must meet required safe driver standards.


Education, Credentials, Licenses:

High School graduate or GED

Valid Driver’ License/Meet Medical Centers Insurance requirement (necessary to work at the Edgewood facility due to the need for phlebotomists to cover nursing home draws and drive a laboratory vehicle)

Specialized Knowledge:

Computer literate

Kind and Length of Experience:

Experience including customer service.