Is Your New Year’s Resolution a New Career?

Happy New Year!
Are you one of the many people who will make a resolution for 2017? A 2002 study ( found there is very little success at maintaining those as the year progresses. In fact, while about 75% of people stick to their New Year’s goals for at least a week, only about 46% are still on target 6 months later. Maybe the reason for that lies in part to the kinds of resolutions that we are making.

Did you know, we spend about a third of our lives at work, yet how often do we keep that in mind when deciding what “new leaf” we are going to turn over in the year to come? The question we really need to ask ourselves is why would we spend a large portion of our lives doing something we don’t care about or that isn’t engaging to us, yet not do anything about it? Maybe it’s time to think about a job change.

The desire to start a new career is among the top reasons for attending school. People are tired of working a “job”, when they could do something that will enrich their life.

The healthcare field is booming and there are numerous opportunities available. At Larock Healthcare Academy, you may choose a program that is very patient-care oriented, or perhaps one that is more administrative. All programs are inexpensive, short-term with day, evening, and weekend classes available.
Every day that you say “I’ll think about it” is a day that you delay a decision to change your life. This year, make a lasting resolution. Call us today to get started.