A note from Dana, the Columbus location’s STNA (Nurse Aide) Instructor!

I love teaching at Larock Healthcare Academy. It is a joy to be able to start students on their healthcare career as an STNA. Many of my students are actually beginning their journey to become an RN. They start with becoming an STNA first and I know personally that as an STNA first they will always outshine any nurse who has not had that experience. You can never match the experience and knowledge you learn working the floor. When the actual work experience is combined with the academic component the result is a stellar nurse! Not to mention when they are nurses they will have worked a shift or two in an STNA’s shoes; thus making them better charge nurses.

I have had other students who want a better life for their children. And, nothing can be more noble than that. They know that by taking a 12 day class, such as STNA, their lives will infinity become better. They will not only go up in pay they will get benefits! This is huge. And, their children will have a better quality of life. I admire these students so very much. They walk a tightrope balancing work, school and family. But, they are doing it not for themselves but for their children. They are remarkable!

And all the students no matter why they are taking this class know that for the rest of their lives–they have an employable skill! On a selfish note, one of my favorite parts of teaching is having former students contact me! I LOVE to hear about how a two week class honestly changed their lives. I know it sounds silly but it is true–in just 12 days with the STNA program, you can change your whole life here at Larock Healthcare Academy.