Medical Assisting Training Cleveland / Parma Heights Academy, Ohio

Medical Assistant Training Program at Larock’s Cleveland / Parma Heights Academy, Ohio

Approved by the National Healthcareer Association (NHA)
Larock Healthcare Academy’s Cleveland / Parma Heights, OH location is conveniently located close to I-77, I-480 and I-71 on Route 42. Larock Healthcare Academy offers Medical Billing & Coding training at it’s Cleveland / Parma Heights, Ohio location.

What does a Medical Assistant do?

Larock Healthcare Academy’s Medical Assistant program prepares graduates to work in the healthcare industry to assist Doctors, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician Assistants. Medical Assistants perform both clinical and administrative duties in hospitals, doctor’s offices, clinics, urgent care centers, specialty medicine and general practices.

  • Provide basic patient care
  • Give injections
  • Sterilize equipment
  • Acquire and distribute patient care supplies
  • Change bed linens and process dirty linens properly
  • Specimen collection
  • Perform safety checks to keep patient rooms clean and clutter – free
  • Maintain clear paths in hallways clear and return equipment that is no longer in use
  • Obtain and interpret EKG readings
  • Perform phlebotomy procedures

Medical Assistant Training at Larock Healthcare Academy, Cleveland / Parma Heights Location

The Medical Assistant is the pinnacle of our healthcare certificate programs. This vital program is comprised of the following courses which are scheduled sequentially.

  1. EKG / Cardiac Monitor Technician – 58 Clock Hours
  2. Phlebotomy Technician Certificate – 58 Clock Hours
  3. Patient Care / Multi-Skilled Technician Certificate – 40 Clock Hours
  4. Clinical Medical Assistant Certificate – 40 Clock Hours

Total 196 Clock Hours

  • Achieving these four certificates through the Medical Assistant program affords graduates many diverse opportunities in the healthcare field, an increased pay scale, job security, and increased subject matter expertise.
  • Our Medical Assistant classes at Larock in Cleveland / Parma Heights are small, ensuring an optimal learning environment for all types of students!
  • All of our instructors have many years of experience in the field
  • Career services and job placement assistance offered to students during and after completion of the Medical Assistant program in Cleveland / Parma Heights.
  • Medical Assistant Training at Larock’s Cleveland / Parma Heights location can be completed in as little as 18 weeks!

Upon completion of each of the three courses, students will be eligible to sit for a national credentialing test through the National Healthcareer Association (NHA) in all three areas:

  1. Certified EKG Technician
  2. Certified Phlebotomy Technician
  3. Certified Patient Care Technician
  4. Certified Clinical Medical Assistant
Start Length Days Times Cost
Jul 15, 2020 17 weeks M/W/F 6pm - 10pm $2397
Jul 15, 2020 17 weeks M/W/F 10am - 2pm $2397

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