My experience here at Larock was nothing that I have experienced before. Mary was extremely helpful in explaining things to me that I didn’t understand in a way I needed it explained to me. Mary helped me with any problem I had and was there for me if I needed her. PCT was offered to me at a convenient time of day and did not conflict w/ anything else. I appreciate the opportunity I was given and took full advantage of it

— Patient Care Technician Graduate

First off I love Larock! I wish there were more classes, EMT, nursing (RN). The classroom sizes are great. The payment program let me focus on school and not large amounts of money. I was still able to work while attending class too. Kari is awesome! One of the best instructors I have ever had. I am looking forward to a fresh start and new career. The other people I met in class almost were like family. Larock I am sad to leave but thank you for everything. If you are considering the PT program do it! Best decision of my life.

— Adriana Grimm

Miss Chambers was a great instructor. She was always sweet and calm. She encouraged us to try and try again until we perfected the method. She always wanted us to do our best. I have and will continue to refer friends and family to Larock Healthcare Academy, especially to the weekend classes with Miss Chambers. I feel like she always went above and beyond to get the ‘’procedures’’ down 100%. She made sure we were successful in everything we did. She was so encouraging and helpful!

— Mary Herrejon Pineda, Phlebotomy graduate 2017

My experience at Larock has been very fun and challenging. I have met great people and have gotten a lot of hands on experience. I would strongly recommend the Phlebotomy classes with Miss Chambers!

— Phlebotomy graduate 2017

I was very apprehensive to take courses here because I feared not finding a job. Within a couple of months of being in the program, I had found not one, but several jobs. Not only has this institution helped me with employment, the classes were informative and enjoyable. Mr. Brown has been amazing! He is able to explain things in a number of different way so all learn the topics and understand them. I appreciate the school and program and would advocate for attending.

— Medical Office Administration Student 2017

Dear Larock Healthcare Staff:

Thank you for everything that you have done. Thank you for being consistent, persistent, and dedicated to me. Thank you for the cheerful spirit and warm welcome I received every day coming into your building. I am so grateful for your program and I ask that God blesses this program in many more ways just for being a blessing to us.

— Edit S., Patient Care Technician graduate, December 2017

Out of all the experiences of going to school I would have to say this was the best. My Phlebotomy instructor Kari was the bomb. She taught me so much and with what I’m taking with me I’m sure I’m going to be great. Larock is the best

— Phlebotomy Technician Graduate, Jan. 2018

My name is Remeka Mason. I started at Larock Healthcare Academy on September 12, 2017. I was so excited to start my journey as a Phlebotomist. I never knew what I was getting into but I knew it would exciting. I went through the whole program and was so happy to learn all of the new things that I learned. It took hard work and dedication but I did it! I had a great instructor Ginger, who made sure we got every part of the program correct. I would recommend Larock Healthcare Academy to any and everyone because here is where your future begins. On my second to last day of class, I interviewed for a Phlebotomist job as a hospital and got it fresh out of school! That’s how great the school is at teaching.

— Remeka Mason

As a 23 yr old woman with 3 kids, having a good career is a must so I started with my STNA, and this program really helped. Jo, is by far one of the best instructors I’ve ever had. Very down to earth, knows how to relate with her students. Just an overall great teacher/woman. I am very grateful for this program. I feel like I will be able to go into this field of work with the right set of skills thanks to Jo. Thank you guys so much, and thank you Larock Healthcare Academy for the opportunity.

— JW 2018

I started at Larock and was so nervous but once I got comfortable and did EKG after meeting friends I feel in love with the school & the teachers. I love the one on one time that we get with the teachers. I also love the real life stories that they tell. I believe that they really help. But overall this is an amazing experience and I would recommend it to anyone.

— Larock EKG Graduate

It’s been a wonderful experience being in EKG, Phlebotomy and PCT. The teachers are all great. Love the one on one time with the teachers and great help throughout it all. Will never forget this place.

— 2018 Patient Care Technician Graduate

Larock Academy has been awesome experience. When I came in the door I am greeted by a beautiful smile. That smile helps me to leave all my worries, cares at the door. My instructor made sure if I did not understand something, before I left out of class I had a better understanding. Larock academy is a great school I will definitely recommend to anyone who is interested in any type of program Larock provides.

— Graduate
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