Kelly Smallwood is an exceptional instructor. She created a fun and educational classroom, which make it an awesome atmosphere. She did everything possible to get the information needed to answer our questions. My niece came in to class for us to draw on. At the end of the class day, she had decided she wanted to attend class and was requesting Kelly to be her instructor. I think that this says a lot about Kelly as an instructor to have a visitor decide during that short time to take the class. I look forward to doing an internship with Kelly Smallwood.

— David M.

My experience was one that I could not have imagined. Being the oldest in the class, I was at first a little intimidated. I didn’t think I could keep up with the young minds, but with Kelly’s help, support and enthusiasm, along with my classmate’s encouraging words, it gave me the strength to have stronger faith in myself. Thank you, Larock Academy, for this wonderful opportunity to become a Phlebotomist.

— Celeste W.

There I was, almost 50 years old and I didn’t know what I was going to do. After 22 years working in an office and getting laid off twice, I decided that I needed to change my career completely. During my job search, I had run across Larock Healthcare Academy and decided to check them out. After meeting with Brock, I decided it was the right school or me and decided to sign up.

The class schedule was very convenient in the evenings and the instructors made it very easy to get the material. Each class day had a study guide that we could fill in with the correct information which made it so easy to go back and study for the quizzes and tests. The hands-on skills practice helped me a lot when preparing for the State Test, as well as the clinical days which helped when working with the residents.

Even at 50, I surprised myself and was able to pass not only the class but also my State Test. If I can pass, I know anyone can do it. I would highly recommend Larock Healthcare Academy!

— Brenda H.

After visiting several schools, I am blessed to say that my final decision to proceed with Larock Academy was the best decision for a number of reasons.

The smaller classroom size, ease of communicating with the staff and their willingness to help all stands out. Every effort has been extended for the successful completion of the course as well as after we leave Larock to pursue our careers.

I would highly recommend Larock Healthcare Academy to anyone interested in a career in the healthcare field.

— Marilyn R.

Before attending Larock, I was still unsure on what kind of career to pursue in my life. I knew that I had an interest in the medical field, but I didn’t know what I wanted to do. The first day of Phlebotomy class was a little overwhelming, but Ms. Kocina made us feel right at home. You can tell that she really has a passion for teaching and if she ever didn’t know the answer to something, she would always find out for us.

As this class is drawing to an end, I am very happy, yet sad at the same time. I learned so much in this class and it definitely changed my perspective to my future. I now am going to go on and complete my EKG class so I can become a Patient Care Technician, while I’m working my way through school.

I plan on moving forward towards a nursing degree and I thank Larock Academy as a whole for helping me get my foot in the door as a Healthcare professional.

— Courtney R.

My experience at Larock Healthcare Academy has been one that I never expected. If you would have asked me a year ago what I would be doing, I would have never imagined I would be doing something in the healthcare field. Wanting to make a career change and often giving it some great thought, I chose Larock to help me in making those life changes.

Taking the Phlebotomy class and then EKG has been one of the best life choices I have made. My love and compassion has assured me that I have made the right choice.

I am now currently doing an externship in a doctor’s office and learning more than I ever would have dreamed. Larock instructors, staff and students have given me the drive, motivation and dream to reach those expected possibilities in my life.

I would recommend Larock Academy for advancing anyone’s career in healthcare.

— Jim D.

When I first came to Larock, I was nervous about drawing blood. The relaxed atmosphere, helpful instructor, and plenty of draw time helped me get over that fear. I feel very well prepared to use the skills and knowledge I obtained from Larock.

I had the best teacher, Catherine Kocina. She is a very good teacher who knows her stuff. I love Larock and would definitely recommend it to anyone. I look forward to participation in another class to further my knowledge and skills as a future healthcare provider.

— Shanice C.

I found that I love a challenge, and this class challenged me by getting me to step out of my comfort zone and learn something other than Home Health Aide. I’ve impressed myself with the outcome because, once again, I’ve completed something.

Larock Academy and Ms. Kocina were truly a blessing with their education and professionalism. I enjoyed being here and hope to continue expanding my education in the near future.

— Cheree B.

When I made the choice to change careers I was all over the internet looking for schools and the one that stood out for me, and the one I kept coming back to was Larock Healthcare Academy.

When I looked at the website, I saw how diverse the options were for a career change and the many options for class times made my decision easy. Already being a busy professional, I appreciated that fact above all others.

I started classes for phlebotomy on the weekends and it was a perfect fit. I loved the class size and the instruction was fun and informative. Being an older student, I appreciated the way the information was delivered and the hands-on aspect of the class. All relevant information was given in such a way as to be easy to understand and absorb. We drew blood the first day and I was hooked! We also received instruction on writing resumes, which for me was a real bonus as I have been in the job market for many years and was able to produce a resume that was concise and not scattered.

After taking the National Phlebotomy exam, I began to send my resume out, and within 2 months, I had a job. I work at ExamOne (Quest Diagnostics) as a Paramedical Examiner and I love it. The education I received at Larock enabled me to find a job and excel at it.

I would recommend Larock (and have) to anyone looking to change careers. The benefits for me have been amazing and I couldn’t be happier with my overall experience.

— Adrienne R.

In the early 90’s I attended a school for Medical Assisting which including a brief introduction to Phlebotomy. My initial career and experience in the Phlebotomy field was short-lived to say the least. 20 years later, after an exhausting career in a different part of the healthcare field, my body was worn out and it was time for a change. I initially found Larock Healthcare Academy in an online search for Phlebotomy schools and decided to inquire about the program. The fact that the staff was so knowledgeable and that the class was also reasonably priced and they offered flexible payment plans aided in my decision to ultimately attend Larock.

Once I began classes, I was excited from day one. My instructor, Cheryl, covered everything essential to becoming a good Phlebotomist; not only did we learn the skill itself, but the course focused on the Order of Draw, special handling procedures, the tubes and additives, the legal aspect of the profession, and how to maintain professionalism in the field in general. Most of these things weren’t even covered when I first learned about Phlebotomy 20 years before, but after attending Larock I now understand that, as a Phlebotomist, this information is essential to being successful in the field. Choosing Larock Academy helped prepare me for my current job through MedLab which I was able to obtain within a month of graduation. At the end of the day Larock Academy not only gives you the tools that you need to be successful, but they become like family!

— Karen S.

Dear Administrator,

I very much appreciate everything you and the Academy have done for me. When I first met with you to take this new journey into healthcare, we had talked about the fears and concerns I had, and you listened and you and the instructors were there to lead me and teach me what I needed to know to become a great STNA. This Academy is so amazing and fun I will never forget the experience I learned here. Larock Academy has provided me with an excellent education which is tailored to the needs of my success. You have succeeded in creating training courses which are specific and relevant to an individual’s particular need. Your instructors facilitate in a way which allows attendees to interact, while learning skills and knowledge which can be applied to their individual roles. Your instructors have also provided excellent 1-1 specific and individually tailored training and coaching; the course was extremely well presented. Great course, excellent instructors and I will definitely be recommending it to others as well as family and friends. It has provided me with the perfect grounding and structure to achieving and delivering the best I can be. It gave me a far greater grasp on ‘how to get the best possible impact’. The skills I learned will be invaluable to me.

Because of this Academy and the wonderful instructors, I have a wonderful career in a Hospital doing what I love to do!

Thank you.

— Kathy M.

Larock Academy has changed me as a person. I have a whole new outlook on life just from being here the 7 weeks that I have. I didn’t think that I would finish because, in the past, I have set goals and it has been very difficult to achieve them. When I say I have changed, just trying to make it to school on Tuesday and Thursday by 9am, taking care of my son (who is my first priority), and also working full-time, was a lot for one person considering that I am only 24 years old.

I can say this program has changed me considerably. I always wanted to go to school and take courses in the medical field, and I felt like this was a great way to start. These 7 weeks went by kind of fast, but I’ve learned so much. My teacher stated that we as students would “hear her in our heads” talking to us and that is one thing that I will leave here with.

I have really enjoyed myself here, in addition to my peers and the atmosphere here at Larock. I am definitely considering furthering my education now. I thought I would stop here, but I had a change of heart. So by saying that, I will definitely be back!

I thank everyone for helping me to start a career for myself that I always dreamed of!

— Nicole A.
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