The U.S. Economy Can’t Hire Health-Care Workers Fast Enough

“Job openings in the healthcare industry soared in April to a new record high in more than 14 years of data, while hiring barely budged. It’s great news for industry professionals who are seeking work or a pay raise.

The 910,000 listings in the healthcare industry almost doubled the 513,000 who were added to payrolls, meaning there were about 1.8 jobs available for every person who was hired. Across all private employers, that ratio tilted in the job seeker’s favor for the first time ever in April, as openings outpaced hires by a rate of 1.05.

The further tightening in the health-care market that’s empowering employees could bode well for pay increases, which have been sluggish to materialize in this expansion. Wages in the industry grew by 2.2 percent in the year through April after a 2.3 percent increase the prior month that was the strongest since the end of 2012, separate Labor Department figures showed last week. Average hourly earnings for all private employees rose 2.3 percent in May after 2.2 percent in the previous month.”

All information in this post was found from: – Click on the link to see graphs and charts of the increases and previous decreases of jobs in the healthcare industry.