Canton/Akron Academy

Larock Healthcare Academy’s Canton / Akron, OH location serves students from Summit County and Stark County, as well as many neighboring counties to the south. The Academy is conveniently located within a short distance of many major Canton and Akron highways including I-77, Route 62, and Route 30. It is also near the Akron / Canton Airport and Belden Village area.

Canton/Akron Academy Program Schedules

The Blood Lab Specialist Program gives graduates the opportunity to fill various positions within a laboratory, doctor’s office, hospital, and various other healthcare facilities while having all the necessary skills to work as an independent contractor in the mobile health exam field.

June 29, 202314.5 weeksT/Th10am-2pm$1572
June 29, 202314.5 weeksT/Th6pm-10pm$1572
August 10, 202314.5 weeksT/Th10am-2pm$1572
August 10, 202314.5 weeksT/Th6pm-10pm$1572
September 21, 202314.5 weeksT/Th10am-2pm$1572
September 21, 202314.5 weeksT/Th6pm-10pm$1572
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Clinical Laboratory Assistants or Lab Assistants, work under the supervision of a physician or a lab technician or technologist to gather, prepare, and help them with their examination of specimens.

June 29, 20236 WeeksT/Th10am-2pm$774
June 29, 20236 WeeksT/Th6pm-10pm$774
August 10, 20236 WeeksT/Th10am-2pm$774
August 10, 20236 WeeksT/Th6pm-10pm$774
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An EKG, cardiac monitor, or electrocardiogram technician, is an important member of the healthcare team. EKG technicians work in healthcare facilities with doctors and technologists and specialize in electrocardiogram (EKG) testing for patients. EKG machines are complex devices that monitor the heart’s performance.

July 17, 20235 weeksM/W/F6pm-10pm$824
September 18, 20235 weeksM/W/F10am-2pm$824
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Larock Healthcare Academy’s Medical Assistant program prepares graduates to work in the healthcare industry to assist Doctors, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician Assistants. Medical Assistants perform both clinical and administrative duties in hospitals, doctor’s offices, clinics, urgent care centers, specialty medicine and general practices.

June 19, 202317 weeksM/W/F10am-2pm$2597
June 19, 202317 weeksM/W/F6pm-10pm$2597
June 29, 202317 weeksT/Th10am-2pm$2597
June 29, 202317 weeksT/Th6pm-10pm$2597
July 17, 202317 weeksM/W/F10am-2pm$2597
July 17, 202317 weeksM/W/F6pm-10pm$2597
August 10, 202317 weeksT/Th10am-2pm$2597
August 10, 202317 weeksT/Th6pm-10pm$2597
August 23, 202317 weeksM/W/F10am-2pm$2597
August 23, 202317 weeksM/W/F6pm-10pm$2597
September 18, 202317 weeksM/W/F10am-2pm$2597
September 18, 202317 weeksM/W/F6pm-10pm$2597
September 21, 202317 weeksT/Th10am-2pm$2597
September 21, 202317 weeksT/Th6pm-10pm$2597
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Medical Billing and Coding Specialists assign codes for diagnoses and procedures, submit claims for reimbursement, coach providers on best documentation practices, and ensure patient records are intact to support coding and billing processes.

June 5, 202319 weeksONLINE-No Set Meetings Times$2750
July 10, 202319 weeksONLINE-No Set Meetings Times$2750
August 7, 202319 weeksONLINE-No Set Meetings Times$2750
September 6, 202319 weeksM/W/F10am-2pm$2750
September 6, 202319 weeksM/W/F6pm-10pm$2750
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Medical Office Administrators are the face of the medical office and usually are the first to interact with patients. Responsibilities can include verifying insurance coverage, processing patient’s copay and bill payments, creating medical charts and patient registration.

June 5, 202315 weeksONLINE-No Set Meeting Times$1697
July 10, 202315 weeksONLINE-No Set Meeting Times$1697
August 7, 202315 weeksONLINE-No Set Meeting Times$1697
September 6, 202315 weeksM/W/F10am-2pm$1697
September 6, 202315 weeksM/W/F6pm-10pm$1697
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The Certified Patient Care / Multi-Skilled Technician assists doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals in providing direct patient care in a variety of healthcare environments.

June 29, 202313.5 weeksT/Th10am-2pm$2047
June 29, 202313.5 weeksT/Th6pm-10pm$2047
July 17, 202313.5 weeksM/W/F10am-2pm$2047
July 17, 202313.5 weeksM/W/F6pm-10pm$2047
August 10, 202313.5 weeksT/Th10am-2pm$2047
August 10, 202313.5 weeksT/Th6pm-10pm$2047
September 18, 202313.5 weeksM/W/F10am-2pm$2047
September 18, 202313.5 weeksM/W/F6pm-10pm$2047
September 21, 202313.5 weeksT/Th10am-2pm$2047
September 21, 202313.5 weeksT/Th6pm-10pm$2047
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Phlebotomy Technicians work directly with patients to obtain the specimens necessary to perform testing for diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease.

June 29, 20237.5 WeeksT/Th10am-2pm$824
June 29, 20237.5 WeeksT/Th6pm-10pm$824
August 10, 20237.5 WeeksT/Th10am-2pm$824
August 10, 20237.5 WeeksT/Th6pm-10pm$824
September 21, 20237.5 WeeksT/Th10am-2pm$824
September 21, 20237.5 WeeksT/Th6pm-10pm$824
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